The SoundWave Difference

Guaranteed follow-up services

We are committed to you, our patient. We get as much joy as you when your technology enhances your life.

Understanding your results

We take the time to empower you with knowledge, while treating you with dignity and ensuring you are comfortable.

Personalised services

Personalised services for each patient – guaranteed.

Continuity of care

You always see your preferred clinician, each step of the way.

Strong, ethical recommendations

Based on your needs, not ours.

It’s all about you

If you need hearing aids, it is about what you need for your lifestyle. We ensure they are appropriate for your needs, within the budget you have. We can help you finding funds too!

You come first

After all, you are our patient. We can work with our providers and other medical professionals to ensure your audiological needs are met.

Try our technology

Obligation-free trial periods are available on some products.

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